"The Business of Trademarks:  A Practical Guide to Trademark Management for Attorneys and Paralegals"  explains why trademarks are so important to businesses and how they identify the manufacturer and guarantee consistent quality to achieve brand loyalty. The Business of Trademarks is intended as a practical guide for those new to trademarks, including attorneys, paralegals and law students requiring a concise, comprehensive book on trademark prosecution to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform day-to-day trademark work diligently, confidently and with efficiency. Specific topics covered are:

* Trademark searching for clearance
* Forms to be filed with the Patent and Trademark Office
* Famous trademarks and trade dress
* Responding to office actions
* Methods of enforcing trademarks
* Trademarks in commercial transactions

The Business of Trademarks is unique from other publications because it explains trademark management from a hands-on approach, including administrative duties which few attorneys handle themselves under 200 pages!